Health Business Blog week in review April 7-13, 2013


As most of the country was finalizing its tax returns, the Health Business Blog spent the week posting on international health policy research, noise in the restroom, Massachusetts and cost transparency. 

Posts this week included:

  • Massachusetts gets ready to tame health care costs, which offered an optimistic view on the state that brought us RomneyCare, father of ObamaCare
  • Castlight Health has a new pharmacy transparency tool and has signed its first deal with a health plan (in Massachusetts). Audio and transcript were posted
  • Going ever so slightly off-topic, the blog covered the noisy bathroom hand dryers and speculated on whether we are trading off hand hygiene for hearing
  • And the blog featured an interview with an author of a Health Affairs paper who studied whether Europe has anything to teach the US about drug reimbursement policy

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