Health Business Blog week in review March 18-24, 2013

During the week of March 18, 2013 the Health Business Blog published two interviews from HIMSS, commented on robots for rehab, and speculated about why UK-style demand management ads might not work in the US. The blog surpassed 18,000 RSS subscribers.

  • Kaiser Permanente's Chief Information Officer, Phil Fasano talked about his new book in a podcast interview
  • Robots are finding their way into health care delivery. Robots for rehab have particular potential
  • Chinese hackers are breaking into health care companies. If they copy our hospitals or health plans too closely that may send their economy off the rails
  • API Healthcare's CEO discussed workforce management in this transcript of our interview at HIMSS 
  • The UK has frank adverts urging non-emergent cases to divert from the emergency department. Here's why that doesn't do the job here

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