Followup on electronic communication between doctors and patients

After I posted Electronic communication between doctors and patients I learned a couple of interesting things:

Medpundit has signed up to use RelayHealth.

A source at RelayHealth pointed out that physicians and patients receive a benefit from the more thoughtful nature of sitting down to compose a message rather than trying to express one’s thoughts in a brief phone or in-person session:

The act of sitting down, logging in, selecting a webVisit, completing it, and reviewing their answers before the doctor ever sees it is comforting in a way to the physicians. They realize that patients don’t get much of an opportunity to convey a message – be it a 30 second voice mail or a hand written message on a pink message pad from a secretary, doctors are starting to truly get and appreciate that what we do is be better than what they’ve been doing for years.

March 4, 2005

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