A strange way to repay a debt

Benjamin Mindell, Editor of American Medical News, replied to yesterday’s post by MedGadget (echoed here on the Health business blog), which complained that the public’s access to American Medical News was about to be cut off.

Mindell’s post was generally responsible and straightforward, though I still don’t agree with the decision. But then there was the sanctimonious closing paragraph:

One last thing: Those of us who produce AMNews in print and online enormously appreciate the support that AMA member physicians have shown over the years – it has been critical in maintaining the quality and usefulness of this publication. Now is the time to honor that debt in a tangible way.

Am I missing something? Does AMA think it is “honoring” its members by cutting off the public? Didn’t Dr. O from MedGadget say in his original post that he is an AMA member who supports public availability of AMNews?

May 19, 2005

One thought on “A strange way to repay a debt”

  1. I interpreted the “Now is the time to honor that debt in a tangible way” line as “Pay up sucker.”

    Seriously this is not cool for those of us who work in healthcare and need that level of information from physicians. This makes my job that much more difficult.

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