There’s something scary about New York City

Three scary things from my trip to New York City yesterday and today. The first two are from yesterday’s New York Times.

Face-Lift Played Major Part in Woman’s Death, City Finds
A woman came from Ireland to NYC for cosmetic surgery and kept it secret from her family. She died of cardiac arrest after the surgery. She had read about the surgeon, Dr. Michael Sachs in the Irish Sunday Independent. The story told about what a great job he’d done on another Irish patient, without mentioning that he’d settled 33 malpractice lawsuits recently and had been restricted by the State Department of Health from performing certain procedures without supervision. Way to go, Independent!

Fake Doctor is Back in U.S. And Facing Murder Charge
This one may be even worse. Dean Faiello started in construction, then got a job at a spa, and then he began practicing medicine without a license. He put a patient under sedation to remove a black fungus from her tongue. She went into convulsions and eventually died. Returning to his construction roots, he buried the body in a concrete slab in his house, which he then sold. He fled to Costa Rica and has just now been extradited to the US. Maybe they should have left him in Costa Rica (or sent him to work at the Irish Independent).

And finally, while I was having a breakfast meeting in a restaurant this morning, NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer walked in to do some business of his own. Luckily his attention was focused on someone else!

May 26, 2005

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