Update on patient blogs story

Last month I criticized High Point Regional Health Care System in North Carolina for putting inappropriate ads for mini-gastric bypass on its patient blogs. It was fine to post the ad on the gastric bypass blog, but a bit jarring to see the same ad on the cancer and childbirth blogs.

Someone at High Point must be paying attention, because the gastric bypass ads are gone completely. They’ve been replaced by an ad touting High Point’s recognition for excellent nursing and another announcing High Point’s monthly classes and events. That’s an improvement. A couple of bloggers have also been added.

Sorry to pick on High Point again, but there’s still a little problem. The monthly classes and events ad has a click through for the April calendar (today’s May 10). Clicking through actually brings up the March calendar. So if anyone from High Point is reading this, please take note and I will leave you alone.

May 11 update: Getting closer!

Well the events ad now says May but clicking through still brings up the March calendar.

May 10, 2005

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