A mixed report for Consumer Directed Health Plans

McKinsey & Company released a report on Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHPs), and reported five key findings. CDHP consumers…:

  1. …are more value conscious: more likely to ask what things cost and to evaluate and choose cheaper treatments
  2. …pay more attention to staying healthy
  3. …report changes in behavior that are likely to reduce short and long term costs. (This one sounds a lot like finding #1)
  4. …are not that satisfied with their plans. A big issue is the lack of quality and cost information
  5. …appreciate employers who switch to CDHP plans for reasons other than just to shift costs to employees

You can download the report here.

June 14, 2005

One thought on “A mixed report for Consumer Directed Health Plans”

  1. There’s a crying need for objective assessments of the health benefit, particularly from diagnostic testing. How to accomplish such a thing without biasing the patient is a difficult issue, but should be possible in my opinion.

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