Drug testing for all

In Parents Add Drug Tests to Shopping Lists, the Wall Street Journal examines the new at-home tests parents are using to keep track of junior’s drug and alcohol use. The tests cost $15-30 and are available at drug stores. If it’s too awkward to ask a teen to pee in a cup, parents can test hair instead. However, since that requires 50 strands cut ¼” from the scalp, there could be some hair styling implications. When teens are caught, parents employ the usual punishments like no TV or grounding.

Now that parents are getting used to at-home drug testing, I have another idea. Payers could require members to take tests to prove they are being compliant with their medications. If a patient isn’t taking his or her cholesterol lowering or blood pressure drug as directed, reimbursement could be revoked or the member could be grounded or have TV privileges denied.

June 2, 2005

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