Still time to submit Grand Rounds entries

I’ll be accepting submissions for tomorrow’s Grand Rounds XL until 9 pm Eastern today. Please send to

June 27, 2005

One thought on “Still time to submit Grand Rounds entries”

  1. This is a suggestion for some informed input from Pediatricans and Ob-Gyns regarding cord blood and the harvesting, or better said, the lack of harvesting of same. My daughter is a Pediatrician and tells me their Academy does not support banking of cord blood for individuals because not everyone could afford it. I have gotten no good answer from the Ob-Gyns why they do not support it. As an MD and chairman of our Hospital Board I am hard pressed to explain why out of 1200 births we only had 15 cord blood specimens harvested.I spoke to the Chief Pediatric Heme/Onc at our nearby nationally acclaimed teaching hospital and he enthusiastically endorsed it. I am an ENT and have no first hand knowledge of why this is not being done here or much of anywhere. Educate me.

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