I had hoped to have nothing to post, but…

My wife is scheduled for a C-section at a prestigious teaching hospital tomorrow. I’ve been hoping everything would go so smoothly that I would have nothing to post about on the blog. But alas, I can already see that won’t be the case.

We went to the hospital this morning for her pre-op visit. There were a number of things I didn’t like, but I’ll restrict my comments to the most important one:

Her medical records hadn’t been transferred from her OB’s office. Luckily we happened to see her OB and he called his office to have the records faxed. Once the faxed records arrived the anesthesiologist found the handwriting to be unreadable. Luckily in this case my wife and I were conscious and supplied all the information he needed.

I’m not surprised by this experience but I am disappointed. Let’s hope they’re focusing their best efforts on the operation itself.

July 20, 2005

2 thoughts on “I had hoped to have nothing to post, but…”

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    We’ll all be thinking of y’all, and hoping that everything goes well.

    If/when you get a chance, let us know: boy or girl?

    Good luck tomorrow!!

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