Where are the doctors?

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist wants pharmaceutical companies to restrict direct-to-consumer advertising for the first two years a drug is on the market.

“[R]esearch evidence indicates that this blitz in direct marketing has unwittingly led to inappropriate prescribing, which most importantly can compromise patient safety and care,” said Frist.

But wait a minute; these drugs aren’t available without a doctor’s prescription anyway. Isn’t it reasonable to expect physicians to use their professional judgment in prescribing rather than telling drug companies they can’t advertise FDA approved products?

A better proposal might be to require physicians to take Continuing Medical Education courses in understanding pharmaceutical sales and marketing practices and in how to deal with patients who come in asking for a prescription drug they saw on TV.

July 1, 2005

One thought on “Where are the doctors?”

  1. Spot on correct, David.

    No drug rep ever held a gun to my head.

    Shame on us for prescribing drugs patients don’t need, and/or prescribing the most expensive drug in the class for no good reason.

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