Relief for Katrina victims

Victims of Hurricane Katrina will need a lot of help. An Associated Press article in the Boston Globe describes how rough conditions are in New Orleans area hospitals. Several hospitals have been evacuated. Here’s a description of one that’s still open:

…broken glass littered some areas, and patients and staff had fallen on floors slick with hurricane waters. With electricity and air conditioning out, generators were providing the only power. Some areas had no working elevators or phones.

If you’d like to make a donation for hurricane relief efforts, here are some suggestions:

Charity Navigator makes the following suggestions:

  • Give to an established charity
  • Designate your gift toward hurricane relief. (On the other hand, my view is that you should consider giving to their general efforts instead or in addition if you support their mission –DW)
  • Avoid telemarketers
  • Research the charities and follow up in a few months to see how your gift was used
August 31, 2005

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