Customers Pfizer doesn’t want

The phenomenon of Viagra and crystal meth abuse among gay men wanting to “party and play” is well known among HIV researchers. Crystal meth reduces inhibitions and also sexual performance. Viagra more than offsets the performance effects of crystal meth. The result of this drug abuse is more dangerous sexual activity and the spread of HIV. The last thing Viagra’s maker Pfizer wants is to be associated with this problem, but unfortunately it’s not easy to stop.

Drug companies –including the makers of Cialis and Levitra in addition to Viagra– are meeting with the FDA this week to discuss what to do. There’s an article about it in the Boston Globe.

September 26, 2005

2 thoughts on “Customers Pfizer doesn’t want”

  1. David,

    You forgot to quote the best line from that piece. As it happens, it’s the last one:

    “‘As far as FDA and labeling is concerned, a lot of this is really, really off-label,” Shames said.”

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