Jumping through hoops

MSSPNexus Blog has published part I of The Ugly Truth about Credentialing and Privileging.

You are about to find out just how many ways you can be asked to document every place you’ve been, every job, license, certification or board you’ve ever held, whether or not you have any disabilities for which you’ll need accommodation, whether professionalonal privilege has ever been denied, revoked, limited or suspended, and whether to the best of your knowledge anyone is even thinking about denying, revoking, limiting or suspending anything of yours.

You’ll also need to produce the names, addresses, phone, and fax numbers of various individuals who will serve as your references… You may want to practice groveling, as nothing delays privilege approval quite as effectively as references who fail to respond.

This is the type of problem that calls for a solution. Colleges have resolved a similar headache through the Common Application, used by about 300 selective schools. It makes life easier for the references, applicants, and ultimately the institutions. Could this approach work in health care?


I’ve been told that some states have a statewide application.

October 19, 2005

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