Spam comes to the blogosphere

“Splogs” –fake blogs filled with gibberish and popular search terms that are used to draw people to gambling, pornography, mortgage, and other spammer favorites– are a growing menace, according to the Wall Street Journal (‘Splogs’ Roil Web, and Some Blame Google).

The article doesn’t mention another phenomenon I’ve noticed recently: fake comments filled with the same kind of junk and containing a link to another site. They’ve been starting to show up on this blog and I’ve been deleting them when I notice them.

The proponents of RSS feeds have raved about how that pull medium eliminates spam, and predicted it will take over from email for news sources. Spam comments on legitimate blogs are the first crack in that argument.

October 19, 2005

One thought on “Spam comes to the blogosphere”

  1. I had to suffer through some of the last type of spamming you mentioned, and I got lucky in learning that there were two plug ins I could use to block it. They only work with WordPress, however, but at least I’ve finally eliminated that trash.

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