Good news for everyone on the toenail fungus front

A new book, The War Against Toenail Fungus, details author Dwight Thomas’s battle against the affliction. As I’ve written before, most of the treatments for toenail fungus are dangerous, ineffective, or both. Still, it’s a big business for both Rx and OTC products.

The good news in the book is that the two Rx toenail fungus medications (Lamisil and Penlac) taken together actually seemed to do the job. Apparently Sanofi, maker of Penlac is at work on a clinical trial with the same combination and is showing promising results.

Lamisil and Penlac are both known for liver toxicity (a high price to pay for a shot at winning the fungus war), and the Wall St. Journal article about Thomas’s book indicates that Thomas was careful to design a regimen to avoid damaging his liver.

November 21, 2005

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