Another reason not to travel by air

I was scheduled for 3 flights last week. The first leg (Boston-JFK/JetBlue) was canceled because of an impending snow storm that didn’t hit, the second (LaGuardia-Washington Dulles/United) left an hour behind schedule for no real reason, and the third (Reagan National-Boston/Delta) was only 45 minutes late. Service wasn’t too great, and of course there were no meals.

I wrote last week that celiac suffers could look to the food industry for help. More options are becoming available –even if they are not covered by insurance as is the case in the UK. (See the comments section.) But don’t look to the airlines for help. According to the Wall Street Journal, they have been cutting the types of “special” meals offered, even in first class. The article specifically mentions that Delta eliminated the gluten free meals for celiacs.

December 12, 2005

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