Edge of the Twilight Zone

Peter Rost finally got fired yesterday. He’s the Pfizer executive who brought a whistleblower suit in 2003 alleging that Pfizer subsidiary Pharmacia markets a product for off-label uses. The company didn’t fire him until now (to avoid further legal problems) and he didn’t quit. Now the government has decided not to proceed with the whistleblower suit, although a criminal case is proceeding.

Rost didn’t do as well as some pharmaceutical whistleblowers who have collected tens of millions of dollars under the qui tam provision of the Federal False Claims Act. As far as I know, the all-time winner in this regard is Douglas Durand, who collected $77.9 million for his role in exposing wrongdoing at TAP Pharmaceuticals.

Still, Rost has been collecting his pay with no responsibilities for a couple of years and will get a severance package.

December 2, 2005

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