Glad we’re done having kids

From the AP:

New moms at hospitals in Massachusetts will no longer get gift diaper bags filled with baby formula and other freebies, thanks to state health officials intent on promoting breast-feeding.

Gail Wood, a spokeswoman for Mead Johnson & Co., which makes Enfamil, called the ban “over the top,” intruding on the private choice about feeding a baby, which is made between mothers and their doctors

I’d agree with that. Somehow my wife managed to enjoy the gift bags without giving up breast feeding. It didn’t hurt that Blue Cross now pays for a top-of-the-line breast pump to be delivered to the hospital and kept by the mom.

December 24, 2005

3 thoughts on “Glad we’re done having kids”

  1. The ban is not as over the top as it appears at first blush.

    First, as to the perceived symmetry of free gift bags and breast pumps. This is not really a one-for-one swap. What Blue Cross really should pay for, but doesn’t, is lactation support for mothers. None of the payors do.

    Most first-time breast feeding moms are not like your wife. With two-day discharges for vaginal deliveries, moms are already home before their milk comes in. Meanwhile they have a screaming baby whom the parents believe is starving.

    The gift bottle of formula is now only at arms length away. Who wouldn’t give it to their baby?

    Finally, I have met dozens of parents who stick with the brand of formula that was given to them in the hospital either because “it’s working” (whatever that means), or they simply don’t want to rock the boat.

    Mead Johnson and Ross know it, and this is precisely why they do what they do.

    Formula companies are not in business to be nice to new moms. Neither should they be. They’re in business to sell formula. This they do very well. With excellent marketing techniques.

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