Heard it on the radio

Heard a few interesting news bits I heard on the radio while stuck in traffic:

  • It’s the time of year for plastic surgery. People like to book their surgeries around this time because they have time off from work to recover. Plastic surgery is becoming a major gift item but there’s still something of a taboo for a man to give the gift of plastic surgery to his wife or girlfriend. It can be considered insulting, apparently.
  • At Tulane University in New Orleans, the school is laying off staff at the medical center but reaffirming its commitment to Division I sports
  • The New England Journal of Medicine accuses Merck of omitting three heart attacks among Vioxx patients in a key 2000 study
December 8, 2005

2 thoughts on “Heard it on the radio”

    I wonder if folks are also looking for ways to use up “leftover” FSA money (not every company elected to install the “roll-over” option).

    “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

    And a perky little nose.

    And a little tummy tuck.”



  2. The Tulane stuff is really outrageous. I heard that they were layign off clinical faculty; I didn’t hear that they were putting a ton of money into sports.

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