Keep the junk coming!

I tried turning up the junk mail filter on my ISP’s email system yesterday. Sure enough, most of the mortgage offers, Cialis come-ons, porno promotions and free software ads disappeared, but so did some legit emails. I’ve given up for now and will continue wading through all the spam.

December 6, 2005

One thought on “Keep the junk coming!”

  1. Amazing. This is an analogy for consumer-driven healthcare. By putting it in place, and forcing health plan members to consider how to spend “their own money” on healthcare, they forego some unnecessary care. But they also forego some necessary care too.

    So now I’m just wondering aloud (as I have no answer to the question): should we approach healthcare the same way, reverting to the old model and continuing to “wade through” as we used to?


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