Consumer Driven Guy to the rescue

Barry Stokes, a.k.a., The Consumer Driven Guy is launching a site tomorrow to help consumers understand how to navigate the so-called health care system. Barry is a fan of consumer driven care and he’s well aware that consumers need plenty of help if they are to engage with the system successfully.

From his press release:

“ is designed to provide the resources to help consumers better understand the trends in healthcare, how to decipher the industry’Â’s jargon and get sound advice on how to address their specific healthcare plan,” Stokes explains. “My goal for the site is to educate consumers on the right questions to ask and how to understand their choices.”

Barry is unlikely to run out of things to write about any time soon.

January 16, 2006

2 thoughts on “Consumer Driven Guy to the rescue”

  1. finally someone can help us figure out the maze of consumer driven health care…most non-health experts like me get easily confused by the acronyms alone…

  2. Barry fooled everyone. It was a maze that caused thousands of people and hundreds of companies to lose money and investments with 1Point Solutions.

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