Credible threat?

The American Medical Association often argues that Medicare patients will lose access to care if the regularly threatened physician fee cuts are put into effect. But a new study by The Center for Studying Health System Change indicates that this is unlikely to happen so quickly. Medicare is far and away the biggest payer, and most entities don’t throw away their biggest customer quite so fast. For many physicians, it wouldn’t be easy to substitute private paying patients for Medicare patients anyway.

January 9, 2006

One thought on “Credible threat?”

  1. I know a very good psychiatrist who opted out of Medicare. I think he lets one of his old patients pay the medicare co-pay as a charity case. He doesn’t liek having older patients though, because medicare asks to see his records.

    He has opted entirely out of accepting insurance. I think that he makes some of his money doing forensic work, though.

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