Don’t believe the hype

I feel badly for the enrollees who’Â’ve had trouble getting their drugs under the newly launched Medicare Part D program, but it may lead to a good outcome for the country by discouraging additional enrollment.

Part D is fiscally irresponsible and I hope it gets scrapped. That is more likely to happen if enrollment falls short of expectations, because it will force premiums to rise (as discussed earlier.) The Administration has been busy encouraging Medicare recipients to enroll and has also put out misleading progress updates that suggest voluntary enrollment is higher than it is.

Once the dust settles from the current snafu, expect to see increasingly aggressive and desperate measures to boost enrollment. Already, there are moves afoot to extend the enrollment deadline.

January 16, 2006

One thought on “Don’t believe the hype”

  1. I am an adult mental health case manager in PA. Currently out of a case load of 15 people living with extreme mental illness FOUR have been totally denied coverage that were supposed to be automatically enrolled in the plan Medicare chose for them.

    Before 01/01/06 they had no co-pay for their NUMEROUS medications. Just last week one of my clients spent over $200 for a TWO WEEK supply of her meds. This is a woman who lives on a disability check that’s under $700.

    One of my clients is in the hospital because she couldn’t afford her medication, and how else was she supposed to get it? I drove her there myself!!!

    Last week our Governor stepped in and directed the state Medicaid program to pick up the tab until all of this gets sorted out. We (case managers) were instructed that the pharmacist could enroll our consumers in an emergency prescription coverage program….however, out of the three pharmacies I went to, none heard of the program.

    Try to get these insurance companies on the phone??? Yeah right, I have been trying for three weeks…can’t get through! Phone messages, ignored. E-mails, ignored.

    Luckily it is my job to advocate for these men and women who can not do so themselves. But I shudder when I think about the people who don’t have anyone to help them and don’t have the capacity to understand that their right to medication and treatment has been completely kicked to the curb!

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