If it can be done from across the campus it can be done from the other side of the world

UCLA has a shortage of radiology techs and is now doing MRI scanning by remote control. In a study presented recently, UCLA showed that the results were fine. From AuntMinnie:

“The remote-control scanning procedure involved a phone conversation between the local technologist and the remote operator, who asked permission to log on,” [Dr. John] Finn said. “The local technologist remained responsible for all aspects of patient safety, preparation, positioning, monitoring, communication, surface coil and IV line placement, and contrast administration.”

The remote operator was responsible for all aspects of protocol selection, sequence parameter changes, field-of-view settings, slice positioning, and orientation, Finn said. Both remote and local operators had equal access to the user interface at all times. In essence, the local operator voluntarily handed over control of the MR system to the remote operator.

The remote operator might as well be on the other side of the world, preferably in a low cost country.

January 17, 2006

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