A product I recommend

A product I recommend
In 1995 I was working on a consulting project for an academic medical center in New York City. Managed care was coming and the hospital and medical school were trying to figure out how to respond. In the end our client merged with another medical center –and I haven’t had any more to do with it.

As part of the project I interviewed a dermatologist. He noticed my fair complexion and told me I should look into a company called Sun Precautions, which made clothing for those with sensitivity to sun. I called for a catalog (ecommerce was still in its infancy) and bought a pullover swim shirt that I have used ever since. It keeps its sun protection when wet and is easy to swim in. After 10+ years I decided to treat myself to a new swim shirt, and it’s just arrived. It cost about $100, but it’s well worth it.

Over the years I’ve given Sun Precautions gift certificates and clothing to people I know who have been diagnosed with skin cancer. If you spend time a lot of time in the sun or are sensitive, you might want to have a look.

February 4, 2006

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