Putting it bluntly

Putting it bluntly

A New York Times editorial makes a sweeping judgment on the medical industry (Seducing the Medical Profession):

New evidence keeps emerging that the medical profession has sold its soul in exchange for what can only be described as bribes from the manufacturers of drugs and medical devices. It is long past time for leading medical institutions and professional societies to adopt stronger ground rules to control the noxious influence of industry money on what doctors prescribe for their patients.

The editorial cites the JAMA proposals and medical device consulting examples I’ve posted on earlier and cites Kaiser Permanente as a refuge from industry influence.

I do think the editorial is over the top, but it’s becoming clear that the pharmaceutical companies in particular will have to change the way they do business and that physicians will have to become more aware of industry’s goals and the implications for their own behavior.

February 2, 2006

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