Don’t leave home without it

Don’t leave home without it

A town council in Columbia rejected a novel approach to HIV prevention: a requirement that every male over age 14 carry condoms. The measure failed 10-6, apparently because of concerns that it would foster promiscuity. Instead there will be condom machines installed around town and more sex education. Proponents are collecting signatures to qualify the proposal for a referendum.

Source: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report.

March 2, 2006

3 thoughts on “Don’t leave home without it”

  1. I went to Columbia, and we didn’t even have condom dispensers in the bathrooms! Time’s change, I guess.

    I visited Colombia as a Sophomore in 1984. I believe birth control was illegal back then.

    (Sorry I haven’t had enough coffee today)


  2. When I was in elementary school, we sang Woody Guthrie’s “Roll on Columbia” in class. We got a kick out of pretending to apply Columbia brand roll on deodorant while singing the song.

    Roll on, Columbia, roll on
    Roll on, Columbia, roll on
    Your power is turning our darkness to dawn
    So roll on, Columbia, roll on

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