Drink if you like, but not for your health

Drink if you like, but not for your health

For a society like ours where alcohol is accepted but illegal drugs are demonized, it’s comforting to have solid evidence that moderate drinking is actually good for you. (Back in college we took it a step further, figuring if 2 drinks a day were good then you could have 14 drinks in a day if you drank once a week.)

I’ve mentioned before that the connection between good health and alcohol consumption actually isn’t so clear. Now a study by UCSF researchers has noted a common flaw in the “alcohol is good for you studies.”

The studies tend to include as abstainers people who used to drink but have stopped. The problem is that a good number of the quitters stopped drinking due to poor health. Therefore they make the abstainer category look sicker than it would otherwise.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more.

March 31, 2006

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