Health Wonk Review –Call for submissions

Health Wonk Review –Call for submissions

Health Wonk Review is a new biweekly compendium of the best of the health policy blogs. Health policy, infrastructure, insurance, technology, and managed care bloggers participate by contributing their best recent blog postings to a roving digest, with each issue hosted at a different participant’s blog. For participants, it’s a way to network and share ideas, and for those readers who don’t live in this space every day, it’s a way to sample some of the latest thinking and the “best of the best.”

I’m hosting the Health Wonk Review next week. Please get your submissions in by April 5 at 9 am. You can send your submissions to or use the online submission form. The submission should include:

  • Blogger’s name or pseudonym
  • Title of and URL for the submitted post
  • Title and URL of the blog itself
  • A synopsis of the post itself
March 30, 2006

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