Keep it to yourself

Keep it to yourself

From iHealthBeat:

A Florida woman is suing Walgreens after notes by pharmacists about her were printed with her prescription information, ABCNews reports. According to ABCNews, pharmacists have been writing “confidential and candid” notes about customers — such as “she seems shady” and expletives — through the computer system. Walgreen, which links its 5,100 pharmacies by satellite, so that pharmacists have access to patient information nationwide, said the computer system is intended to track consumer preferences, not personalities (Kaufmann, ABCNews, 3/23).

You can watch the video online, although you have to see an ad for an Odyssey minivan first. The segment also mentions that the pharmacists called one woman a “bitch,” a sentiment they are unlikely to revise now that she issuing.

Maybe Walgreens could propose a settlement whereby customers post comments about their pharmacists –expletives optional.

March 27, 2006

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