Let’s hope the terrorists aren’t a year ahead

Let’s hope the terrorists aren’t a year ahead

VaxGen is at least a year behind schedule in developing a new anthrax vaccine. From the Washington Post:

Until the full stockpile of 75 million doses is ready, the United States would depend on antibiotics to treat a large-scale anthrax attack, a strategy that terrorists could overcome by creating antibiotic-resistant anthrax.

The Post takes an unwarranted dig at VaxGen and smaller companies in general:

The difficulties appear to confirm predictions on Capitol Hill two years ago that a small company like VaxGen wouldn’t be able to meet an aggressive schedule for stockpiling millions of doses of a new anthrax vaccine.

Maybe a lumbering industry giant would be faster?

March 17, 2006

One thought on “Let’s hope the terrorists aren’t a year ahead”

  1. Didn’t read the article (as usual), but it occurs to me that no pharmaceutical house no matter how large is going to get projects this large done without significant $$$ from Uncle Sam.



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