The trouble with Vegas

The trouble with Vegas

Here’s an ironic story –pharmacy benefits manager and mail order pharmacy Medco Health Solutions is facing a labor action from its pharmacy technicians in Las Vegas who object to changes in their health care benefits. The changes would shift more of the burden of health care costs onto the workers. Medco is trying to take the initiative by threatening a lockout.

Las Vegas is a tough labor market. Pharmacy techs have other good options for employment, including working at the casinos. They may have better luck there than in getting Medco management to change its mind.

See the Wall Street Journal for more.

March 27, 2006

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  1. This is not just pharmacy techs. It is the entire support staff. The company is openly courting employee to drive out the union. A letter was sent by the company addressed to the family members of employees advising them to take action against the union.

    It included a hotline number where the employees can call for the “truth”. 1-866-269-1888

    Upper management has approached employees suggesting they can “help” them get rid of the union above them.

  2. The Lockout deadline was moved to Tuesday midnight (4/4/06). Could it be the complaint issued by the NLRB that would in all likelihood deem the lockout illegal?

    I think Medco blinked.

  3. ATTENTION MEDCO-LAS VEGAS Technicians and support employees. If you are tired of your employer jepardizing your job and livelyhood. Please contact for assistance/information on decertifying your union. This website was originally setup to decertify the union here in Tampa (as we are currently collecting signatures) before the union would have the opportunity to screw us too. Sorry about what your union is putting you through.

  4. I fail to see how they would be going bankrupt when there are insurance plans that cost BOTH employer and employee less money than the current plan for the same coverage.
    Medco is not in jeopardy of going bankrupt – they are simply trying to break the union.

  5. the company is trying to line the pockets of mr snow and his collective company of theives. see insider trading these people are making millons

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