Off label and off base

Off label and off base

A Wall Street Journal article (A Guilty Secret: Some Parents Sedate Kids to Keep Them Calm on Long Flights) reveals the practice of administering Benadryl to flying kids for the benefit of fellow passengers, crew, parents, and the kids themselves. conducted a poll for the Journal: 18 percent of respondents said they had sedated their kids, and 20 percent said they were considering it.

Give me a break!

Usually it’s the adults on airplanes acting like big babies, while kids are just acting their age. Rather than giving Benadryl to their kids, maybe parents should bring along some Valium for the complainers, and some Haldol for the really self-righteous and indignant ones. It’s a stupid idea to get kids used to taking drugs they don’t need. It’s already led one generation to become amateur pharmacists.

One of the reasons I like flying JetBlue is that everyone is mellowed out watching TV –no drugs required.

April 20, 2006

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