Autism statistics improving

Autism statistics improving

As I’ve posted before, autism statistics are unreliable. No one really knows the prevalence of autism so it’s hard to say if there’s been an increase or not. Statistics are improving, at least somewhat with a new CDC study that pegs incidence at about 5.5 per 1000 or roughly one in 175. The new information is still not definitive, considering it reports the proportion of parents or caregivers who answer yes to the question, “Has a doctor or health care provider ever told you that (child’s name) has autism?”

May 5, 2006

3 thoughts on “Autism statistics improving”

  1. Whats the point in giving these statistics when the cure and basis for autism has not been diagnosed as yet.It really hurts to see these innocent children who dont really have a future except for a handful who do get some work somewhere.How about talking on the latest succesful treatments for autism ?

  2. Well, I guess in the old days these people were burned at the stake as heretics, so perhaps the human race has made some progress in the compassion department. Our skepticism should remain healthy (that, after all, drives good science), but not to the point of denying there’s a problem.

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