I found this funny

I found this funny

From Modern Healthcare

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky is trying to recover possibly millions of dollars in checks mistakenly sent to members because of a processing error in its prescription-management program. Anthem said the checks, worth between 1 cent and $2,000 each, were sent May 15 to about 10,400 state workers. An Anthem spokeswoman said she was unsure of the total value of the checks. The insurer this week began asking recipients to return the checks or repay the money if the checks were cashed.

Can you imagine trying to return one of these checks? I’m sure they have no mechanism for dealing with it and you’d be placed on hold forever and given wrong information if you tried to call to find out how to return money to Anthem.

How much effort do you think they’ll spend trying to recover the 1 cent checks?

May 24, 2006

One thought on “I found this funny”

  1. Dumb asses. You think one of the higher-ups in accounting would have said, “return all checks over an amount of $XX,” with $XX being the amount they project it’s going to cost them to process each one. Write the rest off as cost of doing business and be done with it. Who would complain? They would be minimizing the cost of an error in the best interest of the shareholders. And members would be delighted to have an extra ten bucks or so as an error in their favor from their health insurer.

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