Like a virgin

Like a virgin

From MedPage Today:

Virginity pledges by adolescents are recanted at a high rate within a year, according to a national survey of thousands of teens… Fifty-three percent of responders who said they had made a virginity pledge in the initial survey denied the pledge in the second survey. Of these, nearly three-quarters had had sexual intercourse since the first survey…

Adolescents who broke the pledge were more than three times as likely as those who didn’t to deny having made it in the first place (odds ratio=3.21; 95% confidence interval=2.04 to 5.04). Pledge retraction was most frequent among those who were newly sexually active (73%) and those who renounced a previous born-again Christian identity (63%)…

Clinicians should advise teens who decide to wipe their past sexual slate clean or become so-called “second virgins” that their risk of having acquired a sexually transmitted disease from past sexual activity remains, she added.

Second virgins? I wonder how many opt for revirginization.

May 4, 2006

3 thoughts on “Like a virgin”

  1. Ever see “Reservoir Dogs”? The famous first scene includes a lengthy discourse on the meaning of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”. Tarantino’s take on it was all wrong. After reading your post I believe I finally know what Madonna was really singing about: She’s not a virgin, she’s a second virgin, i.e. like a virgin.



  2. It’s sad that the youth of the world to not take this simple pledge and keep it. It is so easy to be sexually active, and so difficult to remain pure. And what a difference it makes in a marriage!

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