New ideas needed –here are some

New ideas needed –here are some

From MedPage Today:

When it comes to teaching high school students to avoid risky sexual behavior, a Mexican study appears to support what U.S. studies have already suggested—no current approach works.

“Innovative approaches designed to decrease adolescent risk behavior are urgently needed,” the authors concluded. One such approach, which has not been studied much, is to educate the parents as well as teens, they added.

We already know that virginity pledges are made to be broken. Since education doesn’t work, how about some punitive measures that teens can relate to, such as a sex detector that cuts off the violator’s IM and MySpace accounts when sexual intercourse is observed?

May 24, 2006

4 thoughts on “New ideas needed –here are some”

  1. Publish and distribute leaflets on all the STD’s (with gruesome pictures), how they can be transmitted, chances of curing them, after-effects, symptoms and what are the tell-tale signs in a carrier.

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