Not just HIV

Not just HIV

The Hepatitis C Harm Reduction Project, which bills itself as a “Resource for Drug Users sponsored by the Harm Reduction Coalition” is launching a campaign to discourage needle-sharing among drug users. Here’s the key message on the bottom of the posters, which will be placed on NYC buses in English and Spanish:

Works, sets, rigs, gizmos. Cooker, spoon, cotton, filter, water. Whatever you call them, use them safely when you inject drugs. Hepatitis C is a virus spread through blood that can cause liver disease. So go to a needle exchange or ESAP pharmacy and take care of yourself and your friends: use a new set each time you inject.

ESAP stands for Expanded Syringe Access Demonstration Program, a program which allows pharmacies to sell syringes over the counter to drug injectors.

May 17, 2006

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