Side effect?

Side effect?

Rep. Patrick Kennedy laid the blame on sleep drug Ambien for his late-night car crash. Apparently Ambien is associated with sleepwalking and even the occasional sleepdriving episode. Make sure to hide they keys from yourself if you take it!

“We are seeing pretty extreme expressions of sleepwalking – like getting into a car and driving,” said Michel Cramer-Bornemann, a researcher at [Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota.] “And when we remove the Ambien, it is resolved.”

You’ll have to form your own opinion about what occurred, but you have to admit the side effect story is a pretty good alibi.

Meanwhile I hope Kennedy gets straightened out and back to work soon.

May 6, 2006

3 thoughts on “Side effect?”

  1. If my last name was “Kennedy,” I’d hope by now I’d have the sense to realize my genes seem to be susceptible to “side effects.”

  2. The Ambien side effect is the real deal. It happened on the road I live on. A lady with no history of drug or alcohol problems had a single-car crash in the middle of the night, in her nightgown. Investigation showed she took Ambien, and perhaps another medication before bed, then inexplicably got up to go driving, even though she had nowhere to go, and doesn’t remember a bit of it.

    The Kennedys, on the other hand, I kinda doubt they’re the real deal.

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