Still smokin’

Still smokin’

As reported a while back, the world’s first face transplant patient started smoking again, soon after getting her new face. Doctors were worried her face might die and fall off. Anyway, she’s doing better now –she can speak and even smile a bit.

But she’s still smoking. And, according to Ireland On-Line, her doctor blames it on the media:

“The British tabloids were very aggressive with her family and with the family of the donor, [Dr. Lengele] said. “The pressure was terrible for the patient.”

“She’s now diminishing [her smoking] because she’s doing fine, because she has recovered a normal life with her family,” he added.

By the way:

[The patient] lost much of her face when she was mauled by her pet labrador last May while she was unconscious from drugs she had taken at a stressful time.

Wonder if that drug episode was the fault of the media, too.

CNN’s version of the story (which like the Ireland Online story, is also from the AP), omits the smoking aspect and neither comments on whether she has found new canine companionship.

May 7, 2006

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  1. Let’s face it, if the patient and her doctors won’t face facts, then all of us should just give up and go out and get ‘faced.


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