The beauty queen part is likely incidental

The beauty queen part is likely incidental

A couple of blogs have pointed out that Miss Florida USA is a pharmaceutical representative, implying that she was hired because of that role. But in reading through her profile, I notice she’s also a cheerleader. Pharmaceutical companies like to hire cheerleaders, not just for their good looks but also for their ability to connect with people and get them excited. The New York Times wrote about it last year (and also mentioned Miss Florida).

May 6, 2006

4 thoughts on “The beauty queen part is likely incidental”

  1. Unfortunately, in real life skin-deep beauty is a good substitute for a variety of other characteristics. Like cost-effectiveness.

    (Ceteris paribus, would you pay more for a dinner with a beautiful woman or an average-looking one?)

  2. Actually, Cristin Duran was a pharma rep before she was Miss Florida. She actually has taken a year leave from her job to fulfill her duties. It’s not terribly bad press for the pharmaceutical company or cheerleaders. Be a cheerleader, get a shiny job.

    I am curious if they hire male cheerleaders as well.

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