Routine emergencies

Routine emergencies

Since emergency rooms are unprepared for the day-to-day flow of patients (as chronicled on the Health business blog from Day 1), it’s not exactly surprising that the Institute of Medicine has reported (Hospital-Based Emergency Care: At the Breaking Point) that ERs are woefully unprepared for a serious disaster. Kaiser Family Foundation has a good summary.

Depending on the nature and severity of the disaster the living may envy the dead. (Like in Omega Man.)

June 16, 2006

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  1. Anyone who has ever worked in an emergency room can tell you that, with few exceptions, ER’s can barely handle busy Friday nights. There is no way that the current American hospital system could handle a large-scale disaster. Even a serious flu epidemic (forget about bird-flu) would push our system to the brink of failure….As it stands in the city where I practice, I have to apologize to my patients when I recommend they go to any of the local ER’s. They are poorly run, inconsistently staffed and provide substandard patient care as the rule not as an exception.

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