Crossing the ocean without Ocean

Crossing the ocean without Ocean

Had a long trip home from Italy today. Got to the airport extra early because of the terrorist scare in London, and was told I had to check everything. Without my computer the flight was awfully boring and unproductive. If I had just ignored what the check-in agent said I could have brought everything on the plane like 90 percent of the passengers did and also miss out on the 1 hour wait for bags on the other end. But hey, at least I wasn’t in Heathrow this time.

What I really missed, though was my Ocean nasal spray, which I usually use on long flights to keep my nasal passages from drying out. It’s a liquid and it seems like I won’t be able to carry it on board again for a while. That’s a shame, because it’s a good product.

August 11, 2006

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