Drug trial tragedy continues

Drug trial tragedy continues

After an early-phase drug trial landed six “healthy volunteers” in intensive care, they appeared to be recovering. But things aren’t looking so good five months later. From the Irish Examiner:

ONE of the six people who underwent the disastrous “elephant man” drug trials in England last March has revealed he is battling cancer.

David Oakley, 35, was told by doctors last month that he is showing signs of early stage lymphoid malignancy, one of the most aggressive strains of the disease…

He says that he suffers chronic pain and everyday activities leave him exhausted.

His short-term memory and concentration are now so bad that he has to write down everything.

Three other victims of the botched drug trial have been told they may also develop cancer.

The sponsor of the trial, TeGenero, has declared bankruptcy. I hope the victims and their families can recover something from the firm or its insurers.

Thanks to Mickey.

August 15, 2006

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