“Many” have forgotten to tell the Chinese about the rabies vaccine

“Many” have forgotten to tell the Chinese about the rabies vaccine

From Yahoo! News (China orders mass slaughter of dogs):

For the second time in days, Chinese authorities have ordered a mass slaughter of dogs to curb a rabies outbreak –drawing criticism from animal lovers but also support from many who say it’s the only way to contain a disease that kills more than 2,000 Chinese a year.

But according to the World Health Organization, rabies vaccines are effective. Pre- and post-exposure vaccines work well in humans, and dogs can be vaccinated as well.

Efforts to eliminate rabies must involve vaccination of the animal host, mainly dogs. This implies control of the dog population, vaccination of stray dogs using baits as well as traditional vaccination of owned dogs. It has been shown that rabies vaccination of 80% in dogs is sufficient to break the canine transmission chain.

The Yahoo article strikes me as typical lazy journalism. Who are the “many” cited in the article? Probably just one person the reporter happened to speak with or something the reporter picked up from a previous story.

August 7, 2006

One thought on ““Many” have forgotten to tell the Chinese about the rabies vaccine”

  1. Different culture. They don’t value dogs as pets the way we do here. In the more westernized parts of China, they do. But elsewhere, they are mainly for fur and meat. The fact that the government does not want to spend the money on vaccinations should not surprise us. My guess is the reporter sourced the information through Chinese officialdom, didn’t disclose that, and didn’t get an opposing viewpoint. You’re right. Lazy.

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