Another reason not to ban immigrants

Another reason not to ban immigrants

An article in the USA Today (Caregivers’ health in ‘downward spiral’) reminds us of the stress faced by those caring for others:

Nearly all caregivers (91%) who participated in the survey… said they were depressed. The survey, which was done to figure out why caregivers as a whole report poorer health than the general population, was based on people reporting their own health. “Not surprisingly,” the survey says, “the degree of deterioration in caregivers’ health increases in relation to the amount of time they spend caregiving and the intensity of their caregiving.

Caregivers often miss their own routine doctor’s appointments, eat poorly and can’t sleep because they’re busy caring for a loved one.

What’s the solution to this problem? Affordable caregivers, mainly immigrants. Some working here legally, some otherwise.

It’s popular these days among “conservative” politicians to come down hard on illegal immigrants. For example, Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate Kerry Healey has taken such a tack, proposing to make it harder for such immigrants to keep drivers licenses and send their kids to college. Those measures are poll-tested to go over big with the electorate, but I bet the approach wouldn’t be so popular if people were told, “Oh, and by the way that means your mom won’t have any relief caring for dad.”

September 25, 2006

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