Get a taste of personalized medicine

Get a taste of personalized medicine

The Brain Resource Company of Sydney, Australia has developed a standardized, international database of the human brain. Their objective is to make personalized medicine a reality for neurological and psychiatric conditions. The company has a touchscreen-based cognitive testing tool, which is very effective. To extend their reach they have recently developed a web-based version.

I received this notice from the company’s COO today. Feel free to give the web-based system a try. (And enjoy your Aussie dollars.)

I thought some of you may be interested participating in a study we are conducting. This will help us and also allow you to see how WebNeuro, our new web based cognitive test product, operates. This study simply involves completing WebNeuro, which consists of a short questionnaire (personal and demographic history questions), followed by a series of simple tasks which are designed to assess your cognition (“thinking functions”). It should take you around 30 minutes to complete and we will reimburse you for your time (once the test has been completed successfully we will send you a cheque for A$30).

The data obtained in this study will be used as ‘normative’ comparison (or
reference) data (to compare, for example, to data obtained from people with neurological or psychiatric illnesses). If you are interested in participating, please email your email address and contact telephone number so we can give you further information.

All ages are welcome – we are particularly interested in the under 20’s and over 65’s.
Some other details:

1) To do this test, you will need access to a Windows based PC, with internet access.

2) Participation is subject to a number of screening questions (all answers provided will be treated as strictly confidential, as will your test results).

3) It is a study requirement that you have not have not previously taken this particular test.

October 18, 2006

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