Underworked docs in the UK

Underworked docs in the UK

An article in the Daily Telegraph, Britain will need to hire thousands more “junior” doctors due to European Union work restrictions. The docs can currently work 58 hours per week, but an EU directive will compel a drop to 56 hours in 2007 and 48 hours in 2009. What’s more, time on call must be counted in the total.

There’s such a thing as a doctor working too many hours, but this is ridiculous.

October 11, 2006

One thought on “Underworked docs in the UK”

  1. This is pretty weird. I have a friend who is in the middle of her Peds residency (I forget the proper name) in the UK and it seems like her residency is twice as long but it’s more pedestrian, as it were.

    48 hours in 2009 is just insane on multiple levels.

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