Abortion in the UK and Spain

Abortion in the UK and Spain

A couple of articles in European newspapers today reveal a real difference in attitudes between the US and Europe. In More women have abortions as it loses social stigma in The Daily Telegraph, the head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) says,

The idea of just drifting into unplanned motherhood is seen not to be a good thing and you could argue that among many groups of people in society abortion is seen as a more responsible response to being a victim of uncontrolled fertility

There’s one small paragraph devoted to a rebuttal from an anti-abortion group. It’s an interesting attitude to consider fertility as a nuisance.

An article from Spain’s El Pais (La mitad de las extranjeras que aborta no emplea anticonceptivos, segun un estudio) presented the results of a study by an association of abortion clinics about the characteristics of immigrants who have abortions. Half don’t use contraceptives, 8 in 10 are ignorant of the morning after pill, and many lack good access to health and family planning services. The study recommended providing better access to health services. The article treated the study as a typical public health report and didn’t include any political commentary.

I wonder whether European countries will ever tie the abortion/fertility issue to the continent’s low birth rate.

November 28, 2006

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